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Our Story

The Pinellas Parent Educators Association is one of the oldest and largest support groups in the entire state of Florida. We have been around since 1985!  Our founding members were instrumental in getting our Florida laws in place to support our right to homeschool. We have both "heritage" and "history" so you can feel confident knowing we're here to STAY!

We have a stable yearly membership of over 300 families and we look forward to having you join us! After all, our purpose and pleasure is to serve you and to make your homeschool journey the best it can be!

PPEA Membership Perks


Once again we have some FUN and EXCITING family fun events and great all ages field trips scheduled for this year!  Plenty of adventures are in store - be sure to login and check the PPEA Calendar often and join us!


The PPEA has hosted a beautiful graduation ceremony for seniors for well over twenty years.   If you have a senior it's time to GET EXCITED!  Graduation will give you memories that will last a lifetime because you as your child's parent-educator present your child with their diploma and a parent challenge written from your heart.

Graduation is a formal cap and gown ceremony that brings tears and draws crowds of several hundred friends and family!

It is one of our largest event with over 800 people in attendance, it is an event you and your loved ones will cherish forever.


Amazing and FUN events where teens can come together for fellowship and FUN!  Be prepared for some wacky & cool events. Keep checking the High School Events page to find out about upcoming events!!!


Fun & beautiful gatherings for current and alumni PPEA member teens to fellowship and dance.


* Online Sign-Up and PayPal payment at your fingertips for Events

* Parent Message boards bring our members together to help one another

* Calendar of Events to help you plan activities & field trips

* Information you can use & a community of members you can count on!


Your Membership card is a passport to discounts. Take it with you wherever educational discounts are offered. Save Money when you sign up for the FPEA...as a PPEA member you get $ off your FPEA membership!

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