Forms and Recordkeeping

For your convenience we are providing a link to the Pinellas County Schools Home Education page. includes the “intent to homeschool” form and an “evaluation form” as well as a list of evaluators.

Rick Wolfe is currently the Coordinator of Partnership Schools and our liaison for the homeschool community and the Pinellas County Schools. You may find answers to many of your Orientation questions in this packet. Also included is the “Notice of Intent to Establish a Home Education Program” form, which you may print out to send to Rick’s office.

Need to contact the school district? 

Pinellas County Schools
ATTN: Home Education
301 4th St SW
P.O. Box 2942
Largo, FL 33779-2942

Letter of Intent

Some counties ask for information which you are not legally required to give. FPEA sample letter of intent includes only what is required by law.


Transcripts are an accurate recording of the coursework your student has taken along with their grades. For more information, see our Transcripts Checklist page.

Service Hours

Service hours must be well documented for the purposes of obtaining a scholarship.

A few questions and answers regarding service hours:

Q. Are religious organizations acceptable for service hours?  Specifically working in the nursery at church or participating in a mission trip?

A. Yes, as long as they do not benefit the student financially or materially, or provide service to family members (parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces nephew, and spouses, including all step relations.)

Q. Do hours earned prior to the start of 9th grade count, or must all 100 hours be earned in the 4 years of high school?

A. The student can begin earning the hours in the summer  after the end of 8th grade and  prior to the start of 9th grade.

Q. Do all service hours need to be earned from the same organization or can you “job hop”?

A. You can acquire your service hours from any organization you choose, and from multiple organizations.