Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

What about the Bright Futures Scholarship?

Eligibility criteria for a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship specify that a student must have earned "a standard Florida high school diploma…unless the student completes a home education program according to s. 1002.41."  [Section 1009.531 (1) (b), Florida Statutes]

In lieu of the diploma, all home educated students must be registered with the district where they reside for grades 11 and 12.

FL Bright Futures 2016-17 Student Handbook-Chapter 1

General Program Info:
FL Bright Futures 2016-17 Student Handbook-Chapter 2

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FL Bright Futures 2016-17 Student Handbook-Chapter 3

2014 Update:
At the FPEA convention (May 2014), it was mentioned (in a Bright Futures session) that 2 years of Foreign Language was required to obtain Bright Futures.

IF you are applying for Bright Futures as a homeschooler registered with the county, all you need are qualifying SAT/ACT scores.  A parent generated transcript is not accepted for Bright Futures, so the classes your high schooler took do not matter [for purposes of Bright Futures eligibility.]

IF you are applying using the public/private school avenue (which has a lower SAT/ACT requirement), then you need a qualifying, sealed transcript sent to Bright Futures from FLVS or SPC or some other acceptable educational institution.  In that case you would need World (Foreign) Language as well as other core classes.

The requirements for either option can be found on the Bright Futures website.  This information was relayed by the Bright Futures rep for Pinellas County, Julia Osmond who was our representative at the time.

Current Tampa Bay Area Bright Futures Rep:
Stephanie Rosh

You may contact the main Bright Futures office directly in Tallahassee via email, phone or website.


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