Early Enrollment Vs. Dual Enrollment

Early Enrollment vs Dual Enrollment

Early Enrollment:

For clarification and new information: An Early Enrollment Program is offered for 11thand 12th graders in public/private/homeschool settings. The student becomes a public school student but does not attend the assigned public highschool, attending only St. Petersburg College (SPC).

The diploma comes from the public high school and the AA degree diploma comes from SPC. This program does NOT replace the current dual-enrollment program of the homeschool student at SPC starting in the 10th grade earning an AA degree if one desires.

Dual Enrollment:

Dual enrollment is when your child is enrolled part time at a traditional brick and mortar school. It’s important to remember that your child must be present for all classes…so if the band class meets everyday from 1-2pm, you must be able to meet that schedule. Your child can be enrolled for no more than 3 classes and still be considered homeschooled. 

At the community college level your student can be enrolled for 18 credit hours or less per semester. Any more than that and your student is considered a fulltime student (at the community college level that means you will have to pay for classes).